GMD First District


The Districts of the Greater Maryland First Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ

Bishop F. J. Ellis Memorial Dr. Tony Torain     
Mo. Annie Worsham
Dr. J. C. Griffin Memorial Supt. Robert Whitley
Mo. Sarah Walker
Dr. Roosevelt Jones Memorial Supt. Stephen Jones

Bishop C. H. Mason Memorial Supt. Timothy Gaines    
Mo. Mildred Hatton
Bishop A. R. Shields Memorial Supt. William Mcmillan       
Evang. Ruth Fagans
Bishop D. W. Spann, Sr. Memorial

Dr. Henry Hunt 
Evang. Charlillian Virgil

Bishop T. R. Young Memorial Supt. Lionel Shields
Evang. Millie Johnson
Bishop G. E. Patterson Memorial
Supt. James Jordan
Mo.  Beatrice Goldie
C. L. Mccoy Memorial
Supt. Elder Willie Hunt
Mo. Esther Greenfield

GMD Calendar 2